• Humanitarian Emergencies, Disaster Management & Road Safety

    CHD Group responds to natural disasters in India leading and co-ordinating emergency medical relief, identifying public health priorities, monitoring and evaluating the health system response and position and engaging to build post disaster epidemiological intervention with support of Local Governments and CSR Partners. With India leading the world in road traffic injuries, CHD works to promote road safety by advocacy, training and research along with the Police and Transport Department.

  • Climate Change, Environment, Energy and our world

    Climate change and climate action with environmental protection becomes the pressing priority of our times. Addressing climate action through grass-root level behaviour change, advocacy for action and capacity building to prepare health systems to deal with climate risks is a priority of CHD Group. Supporting and advocating for alternate forms of energy with sustainability is a core area CHD Group chooses to focus upon.

  • Health Systems

    CHD aspires to build a world where healthcare is affordable and accessible at the door-steps. For achieving this, CHD Group works with multiple partners to strengthen the healthcare agenda through development and implementation frameworks. CHD looks forward to achieve the purpose that no one must be denied healthcare because of their limitations of any kind. This may also mean working to achieve effective digital health technology and building a robust health information system in place guided by public health evidence.

  • Health Promotion and Lifestyle

    CHD believes that Public Health is Public Wealth, thereby promoting and protecting good health by cross cutting interventions and helping civilians take responsibility for their health keeping in tune with the global policy frameworks of the Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the UN Member Nations.

  • Non Communicable Diseases

    Much of the Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are a growing problem in India and in parts of the world. More people die from Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke and Cardiovascular diseases now than ever before. Approach for the same requires a systems approach which CHD works to arrive at.

  • Maternal and Child Health with Nutrition

    CHD joins the fight to enhance nutritional efforts, improve child health and reduce infant mortality, decrease maternal mortality and shape the meaningful future for mothers and children, thereby building a stronger family system.

  • Infectious Diseases

    Cutting down vector borne disease incidence and prevalence like Malaria, Dengue through public private partnerships and sectoral convergence is an area which CHD works to materialize.

  • Anti-microbial resistance

    Drug resistance looms large in an Indian context, it becomes extremely important to address this growing problem were anti-biotics are prescribed left, right and center. The burden of easily accessible Schedule H drugs given by pharmacies without prescription requires since regulation and checks. CHD Group is committed to reduce the problem of drug resistance through multiple approaches and is open to networking partners joining hands in this huge effort.

  • In-vitro fertilization

    In vitro fertilization is carried out to assist in conception of a child using complex series of procedures to treat fertility concerns. Given the out of pocket expenditure and the costs involved to benefit from the same, many couples cannot afford this treatment. CHD Group supports low cost IVF channels bringing colour to the life of those couples seeking a child.

  • Academic- Field based Strategic Alliances

    CHD believes that the future of healthcare lies in academic and field based strategic alliances. Visionary institutes have come forward to recognize the same and also build a translational and altruistic vision around it. CHD Group engages with non –healthcare institutions also forging the mandate of social determinants of health.

  • Elder Care

    As more people continue to grow old, and the traditional family norms change rapidly, more people continue to grow old alone. Keeping this in mind and ensuring they do not fight isolation, disease and death alone, CHD intends to move into establishing a long term senior citizen care for the elders.

  • Corporate Services & Training

    Lifestyle interventions, a responsible citizenry and the need to build a health movement never occur in isolation. CHD engages with corporate companies to channel this energy into building a more meaningful world for all through multiple approaches. In addition, CHD also solicits, support from IT networks, Legal Wings, Communication divisions. Besides that, other resources necessary to engage in social responsibility is also being worked out through this industry institution interaction which CHD believes in.

  • Healthcare IT & Digital Health Technology

    Keeping in mind the leap into the future, arrival of robotics and also artificial intelligence, big data and telemedicine, CHD aligns its priorities to collaborate with expert groups to build health systems which can benefit from the technological advances.

  • Palliative Care

    Tackling disease and death is not simple and involves complex outcomes with emotional imbalances. CHD is inclined to support the same through the projects which will be implemented over time.

  • Global Health Diplomacy

    In a persistent effort to make frontline voices heard, CHD Group engages with partners and governments from different countries and also with UN agencies. Building a more inclusive healthcare delivery system with regional co-operation is a mandate CHD Group respects.

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