Being a doctor in the 21st century age

Being an Indian medical professional in the modern world, is the toughest task.. It is a never-ending match of wrestling between the heart and mind. The heart feels an urgent desire to approach and address the needy, to do all the right things to resolve every medical need and solve

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Elderly women and ageing

Technological advances in medicine and resulting increase in life expectancy is significantly changing the demographic landscape worldwide including India. World health organization (WHO) has highlighted the issue of geriatric health over the years, with World health day themes such as “Add life to years (1982)” and “Healthy living: Everyone a

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Mission WASH Sensitization ​

As part of the Public Health Risk Reduction initiative, CHD team has been training individuals, civil society organisations and reaching out to schools and colleges to promote hygiene and also explain the importance of clean drinking water and optimum sanitation measures.

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