The Predicaments of Gifting a Life

A hospital is a place where one gets to witness a concoction of emotions. The anguish and melancholy being experienced by the kin of a deceased patient is a deep contrast to the kind of optimism and enchantment experienced by a patient who has just been given a good prognosis

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Mental health: A Mortal Enigma

Young adulthood is a pivotal period of time in any individual’s life, where an individual transition from adolescence to adulthood. Young adulthood (19 year to 25 year) is period, when individuals experience metamorphic changes, for example starting university, leaving home. These associated changes bring instability in person’s life, which can

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A Solid Problem: Ignorance Is Not Always A Bliss

The poor India as portrayed near the dumping sites of Dharavi (Mumbai) had garnered worldwide attention in the Oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Far from a pretty picture, it  showed India`s infamous garbage disposal landfills. The cities are drowning in waste with the filling landfills posing a health hazard aggravated

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MOH – India bans 328 popularly prescribed medicines with immediate effect

Putting an end to a long-drawn legal battle with drug manufacturers, the Union Health Ministry has banned the manufacture, sale and distribution of 328 fixed dose combinations (FDCs) of drugs with immediate effect and restricted another six. The ministry has been trying for the past two years to get these “irrational” and

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Medical Relief for #KeralaFloods2018 Victims – Help out

 #KeralaFloods2018 Do your bit for ensuring #MedicalRelief & #PublicHealthSecurity by working with CHD Group – Center for Health and Development To contribute or reach out kindly contact Dr. Edmond, MBBS, MD: +91-9743576808 or call the office on: +91-9449776824. Email: / Bank Account CHD Group Account no: 37649183380 State

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Being a doctor in the 21st century age

Being an Indian medical professional in the modern world, is the toughest task.. It is a never-ending match of wrestling between the heart and mind. The heart feels an urgent desire to approach and address the needy, to do all the right things to resolve every medical need and solve

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