Systems Thinking in Public Health discussed at Mangaluru

The Division of Public Health, K S Hegde Medical Academy, Nitte University and CHD Group jointly conducted an innovative public health academic session on Systems thinking in public health applications. Mr. Rajendra Bendre, Founder, Creative Wandering was the key trainer for the session.  


The session introduced public health thinkers to the flaws inherent in our thought processes when it comes to dealing with complex, volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous social systems through which human life is engineered. The different tools used in systems thinking like Ladder of Inference, Causal Loop Diagram, Iceberg Models and other mental models of thinking were discussed and debated and at times contested as well. Concepts and habits of a systems thinker and emergence of the philosophy of systems thinking was discussed and how human mind is often not used to non linear thinking and un-intended consequences were also highlighted. Human systems of goal setting and conceptual frameworks to extrapolate systems thinking into mainstream public health were identified.

Dr. Edmond Fernandes, Founder & CEO, CHD Group facilitated the entire programme to synergize systems thinking as an innovative discipline towards strengthening public health futures. Dr. Jagannath Purushotham, Faculty, Division of Public Health, KSHEMA co-ordinated the proceedings for the day.

Note: This will set the tone for further public health engagements in systems thinking as a philosophy. 

CHD Group


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