Being a doctor in the 21st century age

Being an Indian medical professional in the modern world, is the toughest task.. It is a never-ending match of wrestling between the heart and mind. The heart feels an urgent desire to approach and address the needy, to do all the right things to resolve every medical need and solve all the backlogs of Indian medical system which could have been done decades ago. But then, the mind conquers this delusion and immediately accepts the state of helplessness one experiences in day today life of a doctor;
MEDICAL UNAWARENESS in India, as the result of a complicated socio-economic issues so deeply intertwined with each other that it is highly impossible for a person /group of professionals to solve them over-night.. It takes years and united efforts from all the teams of medical, technical, political, media and people themselves..

Is there a need to create medical awareness at all?
I would like to share the recent experience which provoked the firm thought and deep desire to put all my future efforts in this direction.

At a renowned territory care setup, in a medically developed town, there came a bunch of 7 young brain stroke patients aged 35-40years. All this happened within a span of one week.
Of which, only 2 could be saved from the permanent paralysis and I am sad to say that the remaining 5 are going to suffer for most of their life, being served in the bed by their loved ones whom they were supposed to support and care for the rest of their lives.

But how come, only these 2 patients could escape from the dreadful mishap, curbing their future??
Yes, the answer is that. They were aware of the symptoms of a stroke and approached the emergency medical services (ambulance) to seek the medical attention immediately.
Who would like to watch the majority of such young, for that matter any person at all, to fall prey for a lifetime suffering (being paralyzed and bedridden, succumbing to helplessness, depression, various complications and a painful life for everyone around them, finally to a painful death) just as a result of a treatable disease like stroke?
Most of the people in India are unaware of the fact that many strokes are treatable, if approached in the Golden hour, to an equipped/trained medical center.
It is upon the medical community to make concerted efforts to reach out to people and make them responsible for their own health.

About the Author:
Dr. Niveditha is a Consultant General Physician and a Resident in Neurology. She is an active Life Member of CHD Group.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are the authors own and does not reflect the stand of CHD Group.

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