About Us


CHD originated and grew as a result of the passion and zeal demonstrated by Dr. Edmond Fernandes who juggles multiple profiles with immense interest and responsibility. Founded in 2014 after life-transforming experiences and rubbing shoulders with people of different age groups and mindset, today CHD Group collaborates with Academia, Government and other International functionaries to build the humanitarian efforts working in different sectors of public health and development with major focus on Primary Health Care, Disaster Risk Reduction, Road Safety, Mental Health, Ageing & Policy. CHD Group engages in capacity building, advocacy, policy decisions, research and community-centric partnerships towards empowering civilians.

To reach out through humanitarian efforts and to articulate frameworks that advance conversations in health and development.
To emerge as a global organization and champion the cause of those affected by humanitarian emergencies.

To emerge as a global public health organization and engage in risk reduction initiatives.

To engage in community development & strengthen public health diplomacy through a multi-pronged approach which protects vulnerable groups like women, children and the elderly.

To establish strategic academic – field based partnerships and to work with faith based coalition to build power from below.

To pioneer socio-economic development and address social determinants of health.