CHD Group is a Public Health Organization working to change human destinies forever through our public health initiatives and to ensure optimum health & well-being which must be provided to all irrespective of their socioeconomic stand in society.

CHD Group partners with different institutions in the Government Departments, Academic Universities & Educational outfits, Public Sector Institutions, Corporate, Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Civil Society Organization and Faith based institutes around India and across the globe to strengthen sect oral collaboration and enhance quality and innovative work in public health and development.

Major Achievements of CHD Group

1.    CHD Group successfully advocated the compulsory implementation of Seat Belt in Dakshina Kannada District. – 2 million people Impacted

2.    CHD Group advocated setting up the Health Task Force for the District Disaster Management Authority, Government of Karnataka by interpreting the Disaster Management Act 2005, section 28, Sub-section II. – 2 million and more impacted

3.    Advocated for re-thinking white coat for doctors in India which has encouraged several research institutions to conduct study on hospital acquired infections and nosocomial infections. – The entire medical fraternity and researchers across India, South Asia and the Middle East.

4.    CHD Group represented by Dr. Edmond Fernandes addressed the UNDP Headquarters (Bureau for Policy Implementation) in New York regarding India’s emergence in the 21st century, social determinants of health and how Emergency Management can be the game changer for SDGs. – Policy makers at the UNDP Headquarters were present.

5.    CHD Group and National Health Mission, Dept of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka, Panchayati Raj Institutions are working on public health risk reduction initiatives ( On-going).

6.    CHD Group represented by Dr. Edmond Fernandes addressed the UN Regional Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on “ Risk Informed Planning at a sectoral level and on Gender concerns and mitigation measures during disasters.” In August, 2017. –Policy makers across South East Asia

7.    CHD Group responded to Gujarat floods 2017 and spread itself across the most affected District of Banaskatha & a stretch of Deesa in Gujarat providing medical relief to flood affected victims. 362 patients benefitted.

8.    CHD Group published an advocacy in the Economic and Political Weekly to regulate working hours of doctors and physicians in training.

9.    CHD Group rushed to aid flood victims during the Bihar Floods 2017 and worked with the locals in Saharsha District of Bihar addressing ailments and treating the vulnerable population as a priority. 1537 patients benefitted.

10. Stretching the parameters of WASH ( Water, sanitation and hygiene), CHD Group brought up the matter with the Director General of Police – Karnataka to provide quality drinking water and sanitation to police officials on the grounds who work under trying circumstances. – All Police Control Rooms and officers were directed to act upon it with immediate effect.

11. CHD Group represented by Dr. Edmond Fernandes worked in Chennai Floods 2015. – 2500 plus patients benefittedwith a scientific publication in the International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health.

12.  CHD Group called a think tank National Consultation in New Delhi on 21st March, 2016 on “ Building India’s Disaster Health Infrastructure” which was attended by Government of India officials, UN representatives and CSOs. – 35 key decision makers participated and contributed to the agenda.